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Women's "Ultra ECO" bib shorts:

Key Features:

  • Women's shorts
  • Detachable straps for nature breaks
  • Menstrual pad for riding every day of the year
  • Three reflective fabric cargo pockets for maximum storage and safety
  • Made from stretch (and recycled) fabrics for maximum comfort
  • Grip at the end of the leg for optimal support
  • Mesh back for good breathability
  • Mengoshi chamois from Teo Sport for superior comfort
  • Made locally in Spain, near Leon


The "Ultra ECO" bib shorts are the latest addition to our Owlin range. Developed to combine performance and comfort, the “Ultra ECO” shorts perfectly embody Owlin’s values.

Specific to the women's range, unclipable straps making nature breaks easier, and as on all our women's shorts, a menstrual pad.

Made locally in Spain, near Leon, these shorts use recycled fabrics from SITIP, a renowned Italian manufacturer. Its design and characteristics guarantee you perfect comfort for all uses, tested and approved up to 1000km (in a single outing obviously).

The stretch fabric ensures unfailing comfort, while the grip at the end of the leg offers an optimal fit. The mesh back ensures excellent breathability.

With its three (reflective) pockets, the "Ultra ECO" shorts offer storage for everything you need during your outings: food, windbreaker, gloves, cell phone, etc.


Discover a new dimension of freedom and comfort with the menstrual pad.

All our women's shorts are equipped with menstrual chamois, with or without your period you can use these shorts without fear.

Developed and manufactured by Teo Sport in Italy, a world-renowned specialist in the manufacture of chamois leathers, this menstrual pad is designed to revolutionize the cycling experience for women.

The menstrual pad is a real technical breakthrough in the field of menstrual protection for cyclists. With its absorption capacity equivalent to that of two heavy flow tampons , this pad offers maximum protection for up to 6 hours, without leaving traces of moisture or stains on your clothes. It guarantees you unparalleled peace of mind during your cycling trips, whatever your flow.

This pad is designed to be breathable, easy to wash, leak-proof, odor-proof and free of toxic products , for use with complete peace of mind.

Made from durable, quality materials, the menstrual pad has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, making it both an economical and environmentally friendly solution.

And the best? There is no need to wear a tampon or menstrual cup in addition.

For maintenance, simply rinse the pad in cold water to remove excess flux, then machine wash at 30°C. For drying, prefer to dry in the open air, without a tumble dryer.

Mengoshi WMN chamois:

  • Superior comfort : Thanks to its single-level chamois, Mengoshi offers unrivaled comfort. The three foams of different densities provide optimal support on the points of support.
  • Advanced technology : TM Armadillo technology guarantees exceptional flexibility, allowing the chamois to adapt perfectly to your movements. In addition, HT90 technology, with its "Y" shaped insert, reduces skin irritation while pedaling.
  • Breathability and support : The rear area of ​​the shorts, made of reticulated foam, ensures excellent breathing and elasticity, while providing robust support in the ischial bone area.
  • Adaptability : Whether you are on the road, gravel, or mountain biking, Mengoshi adapts to your needs. In addition, its innovative design adapts to the anatomical conformation of each cyclist, guaranteeing a perfect fit.


Beyond comfort, the Ultra ECO bib shorts embody our commitment to sustainability. Made from recycled materials and produced in Europe, it not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also ensures production that is respectful of the environment and workers.

In short, the Ultra ECO bib shorts are much more than just cycling clothing. It reflects our vision of more inclusive and environmentally friendly cycling.

Availability :

Please note, stock of these shorts is limited - Our early adopters* will benefit from privileges on our future collections.

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